About Us

Hello and welcome to Mealkite!

About Us 1My name is Michelle. My husband Chad and I are avid foodies and we created Mealkite as a way for people to navigate the waters of the meal delivery industry that’s exploding with new companies every day, it seems. I handle the content and reviews, while Chad is the man behind the scenes (the technical one, if you will).

My background is as a trained chef, actually. I have a BA in culinary management from The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles and have spent nearly a decade working around food. I have worked for and owned/operated 2 separate prepared meal delivery services, cooked for and managed a variety of restaurants, and done catering for high-profile clients.

About Us 2

In addition to my culinary background, I’ve been writing my entire life in one way or another, whether it be for online publications, short stories, more of our own websites, etc. I now write about food in all forms, including recipes, breaking news within the industry, new services emerging, and of course our meal kit reviews.

We currently reside in small-town Wisconsin with our 2 young sons and 2 dogs. Our life is incredibly busy, and although we both absolutely love to cook, there isn’t a lot of time for the whole process. Add that to the fact that takeout options here are very limited, and that’s where meal kits and prepared meal delivery services come into the picture for us!

Our goal with this site is to share our food journey with you all and hopefully teach you something along the way when the opportunity presents itself. There are so many different services out there, all with something unique to bring to the table. Our review process is structured so that we can break down the appropriate features of each service so you can find exactly what’s right for you.

We wish you the best in your own personal food journey, and we hope you enjoy our various articles and reviews. If you’d like to stay connected, feel free to connect with us via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.