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Is This Premium Meat Delivery Service Worth It?
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What We Like

  • The quality of the meat. It’s incredible, really.
  • Their recipes! Great quality & variety.
  • Variety of cuts with staple items and new items.

What We Don't Like

  • The texture of the chicken breasts.
  • Semi-inconvenient packaging.

The Bottom Line

ButcherBox is a high-quality meat delivery service that offers grass-fed, grass-finished beef products, heritage breed pork, organic free-range chicken, and wild-caught seafood. Their products originate from reputable, sustainable & responsible sources, then they facilitate shipping directly to your doorstep. No more shopping for meat at the grocery store! They focus on providing a variety of high-quality cuts ranging from staples such as ground beef and pork chops to more adventurous items such as sea scallops and bison. Once you get a taste of this kind of quality meat, you’ll never want to go back.


Get 2x 5oz Lobster Tails & 2x 6oz Filet Mignon for Free w/ First Order

This ButcherBox review will explain how this clean, sustainable meat delivery service works, the benefits of using such a service to make life a little easier (and healthier!), and how you can make it work for your lifestyle.

From their grass-fed and grass-finished beef to their organic chicken and everything (free-range) in between, there is more to this ‘neighborhood butcher’ than meets the eye.

When it comes to quality meats, ButcherBox meat is where it’s at with flavor, health benefits, and convenience.

Let’s dive in to see how it stacks up to expectations.

How ButcherBox Meat Delivery Works

How ButcherBox Works

ButcherBox is a high-quality meat delivery service that offers a variety of grass-fed, grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, cage-free organic chicken, and wild-caught seafood options.

They feature a good amount of cuts to choose from, including some that stay available and some that rotate so you can try new things.

Examples of ButcherBox meat cuts include ground beef, pork tenderloin, filet mignon, ranch steaks, pork chops, chuck roast, steak tips, chicken drumsticks, boneless skinless chicken breasts, boneless chicken thighs, whole chickens, NY strip steaks, top sirloin steaks, uncured bacon, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, ground turkey, pre-made burger patties, and much more.

As you can see, they have a lot of high-quality meats to offer.

It’s pretty simple: you choose your box, your cuts (or have them choose), and your delivery frequency.

Your meats automatically show up on your doorstep when you need them, whether it’s every month, every other month, on-demand, etc.

You can change any of these options at any time; it’s completely flexible.

ButcherBox Review

Our comprehensive ButcherBox review will cover a range of topics including their ordering system, their selection of meats, their portion options, frozen packaging style, taste & quality of the meat, their awesome recipe selection, pricing, and customer service.

So, is ButcherBox worth it?

That’s what we’re here to explore.

Easy Ordering

You can order ButcherBox meat in a couple of different ways, which is nice because you can really tailor it to your specific needs.

Your first choice is whether you want a curated or custom box; you can either choose the combination of meats that you want (all beef, beef/pork, beef/chicken, etc.) and have them choose the cuts for you, or you can choose a fully custom box yourself.

No matter which way you go, you can alter this at any time.

Personally, I love going for the custom box because I like to change it up and utilize their variety to constantly try new items; I can change it every month or as often as I’d like.

Once you’ve got your box selected, you can then add on any items from their add-ons section.

These items include bundles of meats for a discount, such as a sausage/bacon bundle or steak/lobster bundle for less than what you’d pay for each cut separately.

You can also add on cuts of meats they have featured, such as hot dogs in the summer, turkey in the fall, etc. They always have a great variety of options here to fill out your order nicely.

Good Selection of Cuts

ButcherBox Selection

ButcherBox always has a great selection of different cuts without being overwhelming.

There are a good amount of choices for ground meats, whole cuts of meat, large roast-style cuts, etc.

They typically have a good balance between options of different meats as well, with a healthy variety of beef, chicken, and pork as well as seafood options.

Some cuts are always available, such as their grass-fed ground beef and uncured bacon; some cuts change every so often such as their choice of steaks (for example, they may offer ranch steaks for a time, then switch to skirt steaks, then ribeyes, etc).

Many Differently-Sized Portions

With ButcherBox, you have access to a variety of differently-sized portions with their cuts of meat, which is nice if you like to mix it up.

For example, in their beef category, they usually have choices of small & medium steaks as well as large roasts; for chicken, they typically offer a full chicken or just certain cuts.

Especially for those who like to cook a lot and experiment in the kitchen, this is a fun way to incorporate some variety into your meals.

If you’d prefer to keep it simple and choose regular items to stay consistent with, of course, you can do that as well.

Packaging – Frozen is Better?

ButcherBox ships all of their meat frozen, which is optimal for shelf life, freshness, and quality.

Frozen food gets a bad rep, but the fact is it actually provides nutritional benefits that go above & beyond what we see with fresh food unless it’s very local.

Because of how the food system has globalized, your food loses a lot of nutrients between when it’s ready for consumption and when you actually purchase it, then even more time goes by before you consume it, leaving a lot of those nutrients behind.

When you freeze food immediately when it’s ready for consumption, you keep those nutrients suspended in time, so they’re still there when you are ready to cook.

Frozen meat is also a matter of convenience.

It’s better to be able to stock up a freezer of options so that when the time comes, you opt for something healthy that you already have on hand without having to go to the grocery store.

Taste & Quality

ButcherBox Taste & Quality

The biggest thing that people want to know, of course: is ButcherBox worth it?

Their high-quality meat is a very noticeable difference from anything you typically see in an average grocery store, and you can tell right away by looking at it.

The deep, red color of their grass-fed beef is a testament to that, along with the deep pink hue of their pork and the translucency of their fish.

Clearly, everything they offer is of very high quality.

You can see the beautiful marbling, the clear white color of the fat, and the precision cuts of these meats at first glance.

If you’d like to see visually what it looks like, check out our review video (at the top of this article).

Recipes Too!

ButcherBox Recipes

ButcherBox recipes use a wide variety of different cuts, and they span a variety of different skill levels and flavor profiles.

I love their recipe section because it really showcases their products in a variety of ways.

If you’re looking for something special or fancy, they have some creative, higher-difficulty ones to choose from as well as more basic, quick recipes as well.

For example, we recently made a delicious shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes on top using ButcherBox’s grass-fed ground beef.

We’ve also done their cast-iron meatloaf (highly recommended!) and we featured their Italian pork chop recipe (cooked from frozen) in our review video.

It’s a great collection of recipes that even includes tutorial videos so you can get the most of your box.

Moderate Price, High Quality

0ButcherBox Prices & Deals0

ButcherBox prices are on the high side, although they’re not the most expensive meat delivery service around.

The thing to consider, though, is the quality of meat that they offer.

Grass-fed, grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, and wild-caught fish are more expensive to produce, and yet their prices are a lot lower than many of their competitors.

In fact, their price per pound is comparable to what you’d find at grocery stores, yet they offer a much higher level of quality.

One thing to note also in terms of price is their regular deals that you can take advantage of, many of which extend through the life of your membership.

For example, they occasionally run a promotion to get free bacon for life. For a small one-time fee, they’ll add it to every box you order as long as you’re a member.

This is not affected in any way by pausing or pushing out your delivery date.

We’ve seen and used promotions offering free ground beef for life, free bacon for life, free chicken wings/drumsticks, and around Thanksgiving even a free turkey.

Customer Service

ButcherBox customer service has been great when needed. Our personal household has been customers of theirs for years now, and every time we’ve had an issue it’s been taken care of quickly and reliably.

They pride themselves on being a company that cares about its customers.

They show that with their quick response times, quick shipping times, good issue resolution, and by offering a variety of different ways to reach them.

What We Liked

ButcherBox High Quality Beef

The biggest thing we love about ButcherBox is the quality of the meat. It’s incredible, really.

We also love their recipes! It adds so much to their service, and their recipe section doesn’t seem like such an afterthought like with a lot of delivery services out there but instead, it’s a great pairing with the meat itself.

Another huge aspect worth gushing about is their variety.

It’s great to have those staple items always at the ready, then combining that with a variety of new cuts showing up consistently. I’ve tried a lot of new cuts of meat through ButcherBox and loved almost all of them (turns out I’m not much of a bison fan, but that’s a personal preference).

What We Didn’t Like

It’s honestly pretty difficult to think of any aspects of ButcherBox that I don’t like. That’s why we’ve been customers of theirs for years; they’re really that good.

If I had to improve a couple of aspects of their service, though, the first thing I’d say is that we don’t particularly care for their chicken breasts.

This may be a personal preference, but the texture isn’t as tender as I would expect, it’s more stringy.

The thing is, their other chicken products are fantastic! Their chicken thighs, drumsticks, and wings are all seriously awesome, so it’s not an issue of quality, it’s just not my cup of tea texture-wise.

The only other thing I could say is that I prefer the way they used to do their packaging to the new method.

They used to ship their meats in an insulated canvas bag, which was very convenient in our particular case since our freezer is in the basement.

They changed their packaging recently so now it just comes in a box without that additional bag, so we either have to lug the whole heavy box downstairs, take it down a bit at a time, or find a bag around the house to use for the transfer.

Hardly a huge deal, but as I said, if I had to say something, I would mention that.

The Verdict

Is ButcherBox worth it?

Oh, yes. Very much yes!

Their deep red, grass-fed beef, juicy pork chops, and flaky seafood make for a higher caliber quality than you can find via your grocery store, all with the added convenience of having it shipped directly to your doorstep.

It’s a great combination of quality and convenience, but most importantly, it’s delicious, and with reasonable prices to boot.

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ButcherBox FAQs

ButcherBox sources their meats from responsible, sustainable ranchers who uphold the same ideals that they do. This is what they say about their beef sourcing: “Our pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed & grass-finished beef comes from Australia. Why Australia? Thanks to the balmy climate, our cattle can roam free and graze year-round. Meanwhile, as the US grass-fed industry grows, we continue to seek domestic partnerships.” And as for their other products: “Our pork and chicken come from the US and Canada, and our special items such as wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, lamb, and turkey all come from the US.”

Grass-fed, grass-finished beef means that the cattle can graze on grass pastures throughout their entire lives. They’re never fed grain, unlike some products that only allow grazing for a part of a cow’s life. Studies have shown grass-fed, grass-finished beef to have higher nutritional value than other grain-fed counterparts.

There is the classic box and the big box; the actual weight will depend on the cuts of meat that you choose, but here are the estimates that ButcherBox gives: “Our meals are based on a single 6oz portion size. Many of our cuts follow this sizing, but larger steaks and roasts are considered multiple servings. A box with 24 meals might be 10-12 dinners for 2 people or 5-6 dinners for a family of 4.”

Michelle Fonger
Michelle Fonger
Michelle Fonger is a trained chef, avid foodie, and our main writer here at Mealkite. She writes about food in all forms, including recipes, breaking news within the industry, new services emerging, and of course our meal kit reviews. Michelle has a BA in culinary management from The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles and has spent nearly a decade working around food, including working for and owning/operating 2 separate prepared meal delivery services.

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