SmoothieBox Review 2021

This SmoothieBox review will go into how this service works, what it offers, noteworthy features that make them unique, and who we’d recommend to try it.

From their super simple, minimal selection of products (very refreshing!) to their bulk-free packaging and impressive nutritional profile, you’d be surprised at how much you may benefit from a service such as SmoothieBox.

If you’re trying to lose weight, eat a healthier breakfast, pack on some lean muscle, or even just eat more veggies, you’ll want to keep reading for sure.

How Does SmoothieBox Work?

SmoothieBox is a smoothie delivery box and a very well-rounded one at that.

They specialize in quick, pre-portioned smoothie ingredients flash-frozen in bags, complete with ‘smoothie chips,’ which are jam-packed with nutrients to start your day right.

They offer a refreshingly low number of options and a collagen powder add-on to boost your benefits even further.

And most importantly: they’re delicious!

It’s a beautiful take on the ultra-popular smoothie delivery trend.

The SmoothieBox Review

SmoothieBox Review Layout

We always dive into our reviews from a customer’s perspective, and this one is no different.

How easy is their ordering system?

How does it taste?

What’s the convenience level?

What are the health benefits?

These are just some of the questions we sought answers to when we ordered our box, just like first-time customers.

We dug in with both hands, and here’s what we found.

If you’re looking for a quicker snippet about our experience, feel free to check out our SmoothieBox review video posted at the top of this article (there’s a taste test in the video as well).

Refreshingly Simple Ordering System

So many ordering systems these days are overcomplicated, leading to too much time spent making decisions when the whole point of the service is to save you time.

SmoothieBox ordering is so streamlined.

It’s fantastic!

You simply choose the size of your box (how many smoothies you want), choose your flavors (only four choices), and add some collagen if you prefer.

It’s that easy. I was floored the first time I ordered by how quick the entire process was.

Small Flavor Selection, but with Creative SmoothieBox Recipes

One thing that stands out about this service is its small flavor selection, and it’s a pro, not a con.

With four flavors to choose from, you’re not left with FOMO, you spend far less time sifting through options and making your delivery choices, and you’re allowed to create some pretty unique flavors on your own.

The website offers a SmoothieBox recipes section chock full of fantastic ideas!

Between their green, berry, cacao, and clementine base flavors and a few mix-ins, you can create infinite combinations to keep your desire for variety satiated.

For example, they have some of the following recipe ideas: chocolate-covered banana, peanut butter & jelly, citrus cranberry, and green pear.

Fitting for Many Dietary Lifestyles

These smoothies are so customizable that they’re an excellent fit for many different dietary lifestyles.

The frozen base only contains whole food ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and seeds so that you can work your add-ins around your diet.

Sensitive to almonds? Add oat milk instead.

Prefer a thicker smoothie? Don’t add as much liquid.

Want a completely balanced meal? Add healthy fats (nut butter/avocado), fiber (chia, flax, hemp seeds), and protein powder for hours without hunger.

Need caffeine? Add coffee to the cacao, matcha to the green (I did try this, and it was phenomenal!), or maybe black tea to the berry or clementine base for a chai-inspired twist.

Bulk-Free Packaging

SmoothieBox packaging is impressive and intuitive.

Unlike many other smoothie delivery services, their frozen bases are packaged in simple, freezer-friendly bags.

Each flavor bag is neatly packed in a small box, allowing easy stacking when you first get the boxes and when you start to run out and only stack the bags.

This is so much better a design than the bulky cups offered by many competitors.

Not only is it easier to store them, but it also comes in handy when deciding how much to make.

Using two bags, you can easily make a double batch (or triple, etc.). I usually make a large batch of smoothies for the whole family, so this feature was a big pro for me.

Impressive Taste & Creativity

We tasted all four flavors by themselves and used each to create multiple recipes from the SmoothieBox blog.

Everything was delicious!

I admit, I’m a big smoothie addict (I drink one every morning for breakfast), so I was pretty critical when tasting these.

Every flavor is very balanced, which I appreciate.

Even though each is packed with veggies and superfoods, they balance it with just the right amount of counterbalance of fruits or other ingredients to create great-tasting smoothies.

Their recipes are really where they shine, though.

I tried so many, and they were all fantastic!

The chocolate-covered banana was so thick & dreamy that I still think about it. The clementine oat smoothie we made was like orange cream and ultra-addictive. My kids annihilated the pb&j smoothie we made from the berry base, and my husband quickly became obsessed with the green matcha smoothie.

Freshness, Quality & Sustainability of Ingredients

Although it sounds odd, you can’t beat frozen ingredients’ freshness.

When ingredients are picked at the height of their freshness and flash-frozen, they hold their nutritional benefits while providing the added benefit of a long shelf-life.

This is a model of outstanding sustainability.

In regards to their quality of ingredients, they’re pretty unmatched.

Nearly every ingredient in their flavor offerings is organic, which is no small task.

This means that not only are you consuming fruits, vegetables, and superfoods chock full of nutrition to keep your body functioning at a high level, but you’re skipping the slew of chemicals, additives, and pesticides found so commonly in many conventional food options today.

Moderate Price, High Value

While SmoothieBox prices are not the cheapest on the market, they aren’t the most expensive and have a very high value to offer.

This makes their service a heck of a great deal!

You’ll get a big bang for your buck with a combination of moderate price, high value, massive time savings, and a better overall product than other options.

What’s in Our Box?

We ordered one of each flavor for our box and the collagen add-on so we could taste everything.

We tried each flavor with and without the collagen mixed in, and we also tried each flavor both plain by itself and with add-ins suggested by their excellent recipe blog.

Here are our thoughts on each flavor:


This one is really luscious and very satisfying. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake. This one is great for mornings when you need a little bit of an extra pick-me-up, as cacao is a superfood known for its energy-providing benefits. This one was amazing, with a little bit of banana & chocolate protein powder added to create a chocolate-covered banana smoothie that our kids destroyed.


This was one of my favorites, for sure! So refreshing, light, and delicious. This flavor is balanced nicely and doesn’t taste too ‘green’ or too heavily like spinach or anything like that. It’s very pleasant. They have a lot of ideas for mix-ins for this flavor, and we tried a few, including adding matcha (a superb option to skip your morning latte) and pineapple & banana (great tropical feel).


This is more of a mixed berry type of flavor than one specific berry; you’re not tasting more strawberry or blueberry, but it’s a good mix. This was great for heavy workout days because berries are great for recovery, and I noticed benefits when I used them that way. It was great, but I loved the PB&J smoothie we made by adding some peanut butter and almond milk!


This one surprised me and ended up being my go-to. It has a slightly sweet taste with that pop of citrus that’s great for your taste buds in the morning. Our kiddos loved this one as well. This one also has many recipe suggestions, and we did try a few, including our family favorite with oats & pineapple (keeps you fuller longer & a little sweeter option).

Other Factors

So how about that collagen?

Collagen is typically pretty tasteless, so that’s what I expected, although many people tend to wonder if it’ll ruin the taste of your smoothie and shy away from adding it.

It is pretty tasteless in this case!

We tried different levels of the collagen, and I found that if we added too much, it did taint the flavor a bit, but when we kept it to the recommended amount of scoops, we couldn’t taste it.

Considering the benefits to your skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints, it’s worth adding it and tossing a scoop or two into your daily smoothie.

Also noteworthy is the amount of collagen you get with your order, which is a lot.

We only went through about half of a canister with a full 20-smoothie box, which tells me one canister should last through two full boxes, and you don’t need to add it every time.

What We Liked

I was SO excited to try these because their flavors are so nutritionally-balanced with veggies & superfoods.

This is a massive deal because so many smoothie delivery services put veggies in some of their flavors, but usually, it’s far and few between.

This leaves a gaping hole in the overall nutrition of the meal.

SmoothieBox is different, and it’s a game-changer.

Next, we’re obsessed with their convenient packaging, low-profile and stackable without being bulky.

You can fit a whole delivery in the freezer without having to move everything around Tetris-style to fit everything.

Also, their wide selection of recipes to make the smoothies unique is an excellent feature.

It’s fun to scroll through ideas and try new things without having to constantly purchase new flavors.

It also allows plenty of room for substitutions, making it your own.

What We Didn’t Like

I had to scrounge for ideas for the ‘don’t like’ section because nothing immediately came to mind.

It’s a pretty stellar service lacking any apparent holes or areas for improvement.

There are a couple of things I would touch on, however.

Firstly, these smoothies are a little on the pricey side.

While their ingredients are organic and the value is worth it, it is a bit on the high side of the price tag.

Also, while the small number of flavor options is convenient when ordering, a couple more choices would be appreciated.

That being said, it’s a pretty minor thing.

Their delicious bases combined with recipe ideas from their blog run the gamut in terms of flavor possibilities, but just a couple more choices would be interesting to see.

SmoothieBox vs. Daily Harvest

In a contest between these two options, I recommend SmoothieBox over Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest is an excellent service, but I found SmoothieBox to be a better fit for more people and a better overall service with more benefits.

Between their super simple ordering process, better packaging, and more balanced nutrition, it’s the superior choice.

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