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What We Like

  • Great selection of flavors
  • Super easy & fast
  • Subscription option to save money

What We Don't Like

  • Lack of protein
  • Long wait on Vejo starter kits

The Bottom Line

Vejo is a unique smoothie delivery service that offers a portable blender along with freeze-dried smoothie pods so you can create truly fresh smoothies on-demand and on the go. Vejo focuses on providing nutritionally-dense They offer a large variety of different smoothie blends along with specialty items such as matcha, collagen, pre-and post-workout, and even coffee.



Vejo is a revolutionary smoothie delivery service that uses a portable pod-based blender with freeze-dried blends.

Each is packaged as single-use in a pod that you blend on the spot when you want your drink.

It’s seriously quick (30 seconds), seriously easy, and seriously delicious.

The Vejo blender is a unique take on smoothies, and we love it!

Whether you like a heavy dose of greens in the morning, post-workout nutrition, or an infusion of other nutrients such as Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, or Beta Carotene, Vejo blends have got you covered.

How Does Vejo Work?

Vejo is so simple to use thanks to its awesome portable blender.

Simply fill with liquid up to the fill line, pop a Vejo pod in the lid, and close until you feel it click.

The Vejo blender will automatically blend for 30 seconds until your smoothie is perfectly smooth.

Now, you can drink it right out of the blender or pour it into a cup, but you’re all set!

One thing I also found noteworthy is that you can connect the Vejo blender to your smart phone through the Vejo app.

It tracks which smoothies you try and when, so you can rate them, reorder when needed, check nutritional information, and more.

The Vejo Review

Vejo Review 2021

Our Vejo review video focuses more on the tasting and general feel of the service, so this written Vejo review is more focused on the ins and outs of Vejo as a whole.

We’ll go over their awesome variety of ordering options & smoothie choices, how to use the smoothie pods, our thoughts about Vejo in general, a review of their ingredients & sustainability, and more.

If you’re curious about Vejo and their buzzworthy pod-based blender, read on to see how it may fit into your lifestyle.

Easy Ordering Options

I really love their ordering options; there are a variety of options to fit your needs.

The starter kit is a great idea, which includes the portable blender, charging capsule, your starter blends, and even a cleaning brush.

There are 30 blends that come with your starter kit; we chose a few each of several different flavors to get us started and that worked well because our family could each try a little to see who liked which blends.

Once your starter kit is set up, you can choose other blends to try as well.

For these, you start by choosing either an 8-pack or a 30-pack.

Next, you can choose a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription, which carries a discount on all of your orders (typically 25%).

They also have cleanses and multi-packs for you to choose from, so be sure to look through all they have to offer.

Great Selection of Blends

Vejo Review 2021

There are a variety of Vejo blends for different tastes; I really enjoyed trying a few different ones and mixing them up more throughout the week than I normally would by making them myself from scratch.

They have fruitier flavors, ones more green-based, protein ones, lighter ones, heavier ones, etc.

The starter kit actually comes with a good variety of Vejo blends to get you started, and they now have a mix & match type of package as well, so you can try even more variety.

I’d highly suggest getting a good mix of blends and trying a few!

Accommodates Most Dietary Lifestyles

Since these smoothies mostly only contain fruits and vegetables with a couple of other minimal ingredients such as non-dairy milk or plant protein, Vejo smoothie blends can work well for most dietary lifestyles.

For instance, their products don’t contain gluten, dairy, or animal products (with the exception of their whey protein blend).

Plus, the freeze-dried blends are concentrated, so you add your choice of liquid to blend it together in the Vejo blender.

If you’re a big fan of almond milk, you can use that.

Prefer your smoothies lighter? Try cold water.

No Portion Flexibility

Vejo Review 2021

One thing about this portable pod-based blender system is that there are no options when it comes to portion size.

This is the case with most smoothie boxes, though.

That being said, Vejo’s portion size is smaller than most, so if you’re looking for a more substantial meal, you can always add protein powder and/or make a double batch.

I’m definitely a heavy smoothie drinker; I have one every single day for breakfast.

I was worried about the portion size but found that a double portion was perfect for me, and that was actually kind of nice because I could have two different flavors easily & quickly.

I ended up really loving this idea.

For example, the tart berry makes a fantastic post-workout drink, then the banana almond makes for a good late morning breakfast because it has protein in it to keep you full until lunch.

Biodegradable Packaging

Vejo’s pods are completely biodegradable, and they’re even working on making them water-soluble as well.

How cool is that?!

When it comes to environmental friendliness, Vejo is a leader with its approach.

“The Vejo Way” as they call it is comprised of three factors: less packaging waste, less food waste, and nutritional quality.

These biodegradable pods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Vejo’s commitment to the environment.

Taste & Creativity – Are They Good?

Get this: they’re REALLY good.

I mean, wow. Delicious.

For this category, I’d highly recommend watching our review video. I taste several different flavors to get a sense of what to expect, and I was very impressed.

Very High Quality, Fresh & Sustainable Ingredients

Vejo Review 2021

Something that really stands out about Vejo is that all of their ingredients are organic!

I was so excited to find this out.

Not only are their ingredients organic, but they’re also freeze-dried at peak ripeness, which retains their nutritional value significantly while reducing food waste at the same time.

If you’re looking to add more organic fruits and vegetables to your routine, this is a really easy way to do it.

Reasonable Price for Ultra Convenience

No Vejo review would be complete without discussing the cost, of course.

Considering the cost of other single-use pods I’ve used in the past, I was expecting the Vejo pod prices to be pretty expensive.

They’re actually surprisingly affordable.

Best of all, they offer discounts for a recurring subscription and discounts for a larger pack (the 30-pack is cheaper than the 8-pack for example), so you can really get a great deal.

You can also get free shipping on every order.

Some of the pods are less expensive than others, of course.

For instance, the Immunity Fuel currently costs $2.80 per pod (with a monthly subscription & the 30-pack), whereas the Collagen Glow currently costs $5.25 per pod (same package).

There are many between these costs as well. Most are around $3 per pod or so.

If you consider the cost of purchasing all of the separate ingredients to make your own smoothie or the cost to go to a store to purchase a pre-made smoothie, these prices are quite reasonable.

What’s in Our Vejo Review Box?

Vejo Review 2021

We ordered a pretty wide variety of blends for our Vejo review to get a good sense of what to expect from their variety of offerings.

Check out our thoughts on each one.

Tart Berry

This is perfect for post-workout! I love the flavor, which is slightly tangy/tart but not overly so. It’s got a great mixed-berry flavor and gorgeous dark fuschia hue. The concentrated berry content is great for muscle recovery.

Clean Greens

This is a fantastic way to get your daily veggies. One of these pods holds the equivalent of 50% of your daily vegetable recommended intake! It also tastes fantastic, with a nice clean cucumber flavor.

Piña Greens

This one is also great for veggie intake, and has a fruitier twist than the Clean Greens. My kiddos loved this one. It’s very reminiscent of a pina colada flavor and the piña greens has more of a gentle green color than the other green blends.

Banana Almond

This was one of my favorites, and I really love the fact that it has protein powder in it, which makes this one also great for post-workout in the mornings. The flavor is very banana-forward, but not in an artificial way like many banana-flavored foods.

Matcha Latte

We ordered an 8-pack of the Vejo matcha latte pods, and I quickly wished we had ordered a minimum of 60. SO GOOD! To be completely honest, I had never liked matcha before trying this. I’d say my taste for it even bordered on hatred, in fact. But this was so smooth and delicious, I couldn’t get enough. They keep it simple with just matcha powder, oat milk, and a little bit of sweetness from monk fruit and stevia. We switched to matcha from coffee and wow! Big difference.

Spiced Chocolate

I tasted this in our video review, and my natural reaction says it all: yum! This is like a hot chocolate in smoothie form with a little cinnamon & spices. It’s really yummy. I even used this flavor to make overnight oats for my kids and added nuts, and they went crazy for it.

Cold Brew Coffee

If you’re a fan of cold brew, you’ve got to check out this Vejo version. It’s really, really smooth! It tastes very clean as well; we drank it black without anything added and it was absolutely delicious.

Sleep Lemon Tea

This wasn’t personally my favorite, but everyone else in our household loved it so I think it was more of a personal preference for me. It has a ton of beneficial ingredients in it to help you get some quality zzz’s, so I’d definitely recommend trying it.

Immunity Fuel

This one is like a thicker, smoothie-like version of orange juice. It’s good! It does take a little getting used to, though. I didn’t like it at first just due to the texture, but I added a little bit of extra water to thin it out and loved it at that point. Our kiddos loved this one as well!

Blender Cleaning Pod

This works very well and I would definitely recommend getting a pack of these to use occasionally to get the portable blender really clean. The scrub brush that they provide with your Vejo starter pack works very well, but the blender cleaning pod gets underneath the blades and under the top lip of the blender really well.

What We Liked

Vejo Review 2021

First, we loved their great selection of flavors. I like that you can get a balance between traditional green smoothies, fruitier ones, and even throw in the oddball here & there like coffee, protein, etc.

The green-based blend options that we got, clean greens and piña greens, blended up so beautifully in that little blender and our young kiddos even loved them! It was nice to have a lot of options ready to go as the week went on.

I really, really love how fast and easy it is to make a blend – it’s unreal. It literally takes 30 seconds and you’ve got breakfast ready; that’s a HUGE benefit for me.

Lastly, I really appreciate the subscription option to save money. Especially for a service that’s more on the pricy side, it’s nice to have that choice to get a lower price.

What We Didn’t Like

There wasn’t much constructive criticism to choose from, but there were a couple of aspects I would change if given the chance.

First, there is a lack of protein in these blends. There are only a couple of them that have protein powder added, and even those only contain a pretty small amount. Coming from someone who exercises a lot, protein is a very important part of post-workout nutrition, and a lot of people work out in the morning. I would love to see some heavier protein options added in the future for this purpose.

The other thing that stuck out to me is the long wait for starter kits. This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt due to the surge in demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our order, it sat there in ‘processing’ for a very long time without any explanation, and when I reached out to find out what happened, it turned out that the color we chose for our blender was back-ordered and we had to choose a different one. With this issue, I definitely would’ve appreciated it if the company had reached out with this information instead of leaving me to wonder and wait.

The Verdict

Is Vejo worth it?


Vejo is a game-changer when it comes to getting more servings of fruits & vegetables into your diet, breakfast and post-workout solutions, and just general convenience.

The Vejo smoothie blender is such a great tool, and the fact that it’s on-the-go is great for the busiest of us.

If you’re into smoothies, you should absolutely check out Vejo because the odds are that you’ll love it!

Try Vejo Today!

Vejo FAQs

Vejo currently offers two cleanses: the reset & restore and the power cleanse. These can provide health benefits to your cardiovascular health, glucose control, cognitive function and more. They are both 4-day cleanses, with the power cleanse containing more per day. You can check out which blends they include and find out more about these cleanses here:

The Vejo blender connects to the app to offer some awesome features to really make the most of the service, including access to promotions & limited-edition products, recommendations based on your order history, quick & easy reordering, consumption tracking, reminders, ability to review blends, and more.

Vejo pods keep fresh for at least 6 months!

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Michelle Fonger
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