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What We Like

  • Sauces packed with hidden veggies
  • Healthy sides presented in a kid-friendly way
  • Table Topics to encourage quality family time

What We Don't Like

  • No ability for add-ons; you have to change your plan or meal choices to add a single product
  • No age range to determine portion sizes; they’re all the same regardless of age
  • Only 1 option for snacks

The Bottom Line

Yumble is a prepared meal delivery service specializing in kids’ meals. Their food is packed with nutrition in a kid-friendly way, so it’s a win for parents and for kids. Yumble is perfect for any busy parent struggling to put healthy meals on the table, parents with particularly picky eaters, and parents looking to spend less time cooking and more quality time with their kids. They provide a great balance of meals and flavors. Their meals are perfect for lunches and dinners, with a couple of breakfast and snack options mixed in too.


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If you’re a busy parent looking for a Yumble review to see if this kids’ meal delivery service would be a good fit for your family, you’re in the right place.

We tried Yumble for a week to see how the service works for us.

We hope to share our experience to give you a better idea of what to expect if you’re on the fence for trying it as well.

How Does Yumble Work?

Yumble is a prepared meal delivery service specializing in kids’ meals.

They do all of the cooking for you and send meals in microwavable containers so all you have to do come dinnertime is reheat and serve!

It’s a subscription-based service that has you pay for your meals per week, and you don’t have to do any upkeep if you don’t want to change anything.

It’s also super simple to skip a week, pause or cancel your subscription right through their website.

Yumble Kids Review


Yumble Review 2020

What makes Yumble different?

The fact that their meals are packed with nutritional value really makes them shine, but they’re also presented in a kid-friendly way that means even your pickiest eaters will get the nutrients they need.

Check this out: kids actually like it!

Seriously. Our 4-year-old has been asking every day to eat it for lunch and dinner (it’s been gone for days).

Let’s take a deep dive into what makes Yumble so great and you can get a better idea if it might be right for you and your family as well.

Is It Easy to Order?

It’s very easy to sign up, and simple to choose your meals as well.

You’re able to go through the ordering process first without being required to create an account, then create the account during the checkout process.

This is an aspect I really appreciate as a busy mom especially.

The user interface when selecting your meals is also quite user-friendly.

You can see all of the information you need to see in a pop-up when you click on a meal, so you don’t need to open another tab or go back and forth between pages.

This allows you to quickly figure out which meals you want and add them to your box.

Overall, I was very impressed with the ordering process.

Is There a Good Amount of Variety?

Order Process - Meals

I was quite appreciative of the amount of variety available when choosing meals each week.

There are 28 meals to choose from, some of which repeat from week-to-week and some that rotate.

This creates a fantastic balance between being able to repeat the meals you know your kids like and also getting them to try something new sometimes.

One thing I would wish for, though, is more snacks.

They only have 1 snack available, which is their snack poppers.

They’re awesome, and I would have liked to have more than just 1 type to choose from.

How Do They Handle Dietary Accommodations?

Dietary Accommodations

While you don’t have the option to change a meal based on dietary accommodations, you can add a filter to your account that will only show you the meals that fit your needs.

For example, in your account, you can choose ‘no dairy,’ ‘no gluten,’ etc and you’ll only be shown the meals that don’t include those allergens.

That being said, there aren’t many options if you’re avoiding certain ingredients common to kid-friendly food, such as dairy (there were only 3 options each when choosing ‘no dairy’ or ‘no gluten’).

If your dietary concern is more of a preference than an allergy, this may not be much of an issue if you’re not completely eliminating these ingredients.

They do take steps to minimize such ingredients by using gluten-free pasta and not an overwhelming amount of cheese.

Also, if you’re watching out for any particular ingredients, it’s quite simple to view the nutritional facts for each meal.

Are There Options for Different Portions?

There are no options for different portions at this time.

If given a choice, I would prefer to have the portions based on an age range, although I realize to do this would complicate many areas of their process and may not even be worth it to offer.

But from a consumer standpoint, it would be nice to have a larger portion for my 4-year-old and a smaller portion for my 1-year-old.

There is a nice variety in terms of box sizes to choose from, though.

You can choose between 6 meals, 8 meals, 12 meals, or 16 meals per week.

All include free shipping except the 6 meal plan.

How Responsible is the Packaging?

All of the packaging is recyclable!

This is great to see, and it’s stated right on the very top of the box when you open it, which is great to see.

The meals come in a plastic container, but these are also recyclable.

Are Yumble Meals Tasty & Creative?

Yumble Review 2020

We tried a good variety of the meal options to get a sense of the service overall, and I’d have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by their creativity and taste.

In terms of taste, our 4-year-old absolutely loved pretty much everything. Then again, he likes pretty much all food (not picky at all), so this was unsurprising.

Upon tasting it myself, I noticed immediately that it’s very underseasoned. This is great if you have a picky eater, and considering their target market is children, it is a positive note, not a negative one.

Seasoning notwithstanding, the food all tasted very good!

Here are a few noteworthy thoughts about the taste and creativity of their food:

  • Grains were pleasantly soft, but none were overcooked
  • Vegetables still had structure even after being reheated; none were mushy in texture
  • Meats were still moist after reheating; none were dry
  • Sauces were not sticky, too thick, or broken; they all reheated nicely without issue
  • Creative use of vegetable sides (for example, green chickpeas)
  • Hidden veggies to boost nutritional value (for example, lentils & butternut squash in the tomato sauce and cauliflower in the cheese sauce)

What We Ordered for Our Yumble Review

Here are a few thoughts on the specific meals we ordered:

  • Broc N Roll Veggie Chili Bowl – Kind of small amount of actual chili (mostly rice), but flavors were great.
  • Chick N Casserole – Surprisingly good! These chicken meatballs are really delicious, and the pasta is gluten-free but doesn’t taste like it. The cheese sauce was creamy and delicious too.
  • Snack Poppers – Awesome snack! Kiddos & adults both loved these. I almost always have to make our snacks homemade because we don’t really eat sugar, so it was nice to see a healthy pre-made snack made with just honey as the sweetener!
  • Creamy Mac N Trees – I’m not typically a fan of gluten-free pasta, but this was delicious. The texture & taste were not like other gluten-free pasta I’ve had before. And the cheese sauce was creamy and delicious, with no hint of the cauliflower that’s in it.
  • Orange-You-Glad? Chicken Bowl – Our 4-year-old annihilated this one before I even got a chance to taste a bite, so that must tell you something!
  • Savory Meatballs & Veggies – I love the green chickpeas here. They’re mild-tasting and kid-friendly, but I love their soft texture and the fact that they’re super healthy. The meatballs were great for kids without a bunch of bells & whistles (also made with very high-quality beef).
  • Daisy Bolognesy – This was another one that our 4-year-old absolutely loved. The ravioli were soft but not overly so, with a nice amount of filling that doesn’t make them too stuffed full. The bolognese sauce was just thick enough to be able to eat the two components together, which was everyone’s preferred method.

Freshness, Quality & Sustainability of Ingredients

Freshness, Quality & Sustainability of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients in your meals every week is definitely impressive.

They use a lot of organic ingredients and responsibly-sourced meats such as NAE beef and organic, free-range chicken.

You can tell when looking at the meals that their ingredients are high-quality; their color, texture, and taste are on-par with a homemade meal made from fresh ingredients (nothing tastes canned or artificial).

The same can be said of the freshness factor; everything tastes like it was just made.

A lot of times when reheating leftovers, it doesn’t taste as good as that first time and you can tell when you taste it.

That isn’t the case with any of these meals.

What is the Price & Value?

Plans and Pricing

The price actually isn’t all that high, but the value is quite high.

With meals costing as low as $5.99 each (it depends on the plan you choose) for food that’s already cooked and completely ready to eat, it’s any busy parent’s dream come true.

Especially if you’re looking for a simple delivery service that comes every week without you having to do a lot of maintenance, Yumble is going to be right up your alley.

While most meal kits and prepared meal delivery services deliver high value, taking the stress out of getting kids meals delivered is a special kind of convenience that lends itself to a very high value indeed.

Yumble Customer Service Options

Yumble customer service is actually pretty great.

They have a particularly unique feature that can be especially helpful to busy parents: text support!

Yep. You can text with customer support so you never even have to get on the phone or on a computer to get the help you need.

They also have options for email and phone support as well.

In addition, they have a deep FAQ section nicely broken up into well-organized sections and thoughtful responses, so it’s worth a try to check it out to see if you can solve any issues yourself first.

What We Liked

We love the fact that their sauces are packed with hidden veggies and other nutrients.

Even though our kids aren’t picky, that added nutrition is so important for little growing bodies.

Another positive factor that stood out to me is their use of healthy sides presented in a kid-friendly way.

For example, they use green chickpeas and quinoa as different sides, both of which are superfoods and not typically entirely kid-friendly. Yumble presents them in a delicious, kid-approved way.

I LOVE the Table Topics idea that came with our first box; it’s such a cool idea!

We chose 3 cards the night we ate our Yumble meals and really enjoyed the conversation.

We’d recommend watching our Yumble review video to get a better look at the service.

What We Didn’t Like

While we enjoyed all of our meals and the service as a whole, there are a few aspects where I would make changes.

First, I lament the fact that they don’t have an add-on capability.

I would’ve loved to have chosen lunch or dinner meals for my box, then added on a couple of packages of snack poppers, for example.

Second, I would’ve preferred the servings to have at least a general age range so that each child of a different age could get a little more or less, even if the price was a little different.

And lastly, I would prefer at least a couple more options for snacks.

Snacks are such a common need for kids, and healthy snacks can sometimes be a struggle to keep up with, so I would’ve loved the opportunity to pick up a few packs of snacks in addition to our meals.

The Verdict

The verdict of this Yumble review is that it’s most definitely worth a try!

For any busy parent or any parent struggling to get healthy meals on the table that their kids will actually eat, this is going to be your jam.

The sheer convenience of this delivery service makes it worthwhile all on its own, but the fact that the meals are actually healthy and delicious sends it

Yumble (PRNewsfoto/Yumble)
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Yumble FAQs

Yumble actually has the ability to choose a default box, so those selections are what you would receive in the event that you forget to make any selections for your upcoming box.

This is what Yumble’s website says about their containers: “Our trays are made of Polypropylene (PP #5) and free of phthalates and BPA.”

All meals are made to stay fresh in your refrigerator for up to 7 days. Some may keep for even longer than that, but that is what is suggested.

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